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  1. Happy Ever After

Happy Ever After is the lead and title track of the album, and perhaps you’d be thinking it’s a fairytale kind of song; in fact it’s not. It’s the opposite, it points out simply how waiting for ‘Happy Ever After’ is the insane thing we do, really it’s more important to take our ‘Happy Ever After’ each and every day. These are important lessons I’ve learned over time.

  1. Un-Complicate Me

This was a fun and free-flowing song to write, with my Nashville co-writers, Bobby Huff and James Slater, written with the idea of how a great relationship can see you feeling like life is way less complicated than we make it. A smooth song, based around the beats, it’s very modern country.

  1. Cheers To The Girls (featuring Catherine Britt and Fanny Lumsden)

I’m really proud of this song. A lot of courage went into writing this song, and telling it how it actually is for some women. This song in part eludes to domestic violence and abuse, but also praises women of all types – those that were bullied at school, those that didn’t know their inner strength until the only choice left was to rely on themselves and stand up for themselves. It’s a rousing song of strength and is already a crowd favourite – add to this the stunning vocals of Catherine Britt and Fanny Lumsden, and this is one of my favourites too.

  1. Champion

A love song based around the metaphor of a boxer. In the song, I’m the boxer, and ‘in my corner’ is my best supporter, my best friend, my partner – my CHAMPION. We all have one of these people in our lives, whether it’s our friend, our life partner, our mother, father or anyone – it’s the person you rely on to help you ‘go another round’.

  1. Drive By Breakup

 A break up is devastating, shocking, horrible and sad. I’ve used a metaphor in this song and related the pain and horror to that of a drive by shooting – yep it’s pretty dark this one, but the brilliant musicality of Shane Nicholson and the band of musicians really make this song shine.

  1. The Lucky One

This is a classic, Amber Lawrence style song, talking about my family and how they are the ones that always star in my songs – whether it’s a story directly about them, or whether it shows their influence on me, “I always know that’s where my songs come from”. In this song I talk about “packing up Dad’s things, we keep getting slowed up by the memories”. This is something that most adults have to do at some stage in their lives, pack up a loved ones things. It’s tough, but bittersweet, and that is what I’ve tried to capture in this song.

  1. Sometimes You Wanna Feel Good

I wrote this song with Kylie Sackley and Phil Barton (both Aussies living a successful songwriter life in Nashville). We chatted about how it’s almost frowned upon as an artist and songwriter these days to write a simple, good ole, feel good song! So that’s we did – unapologetically because sometimes you just wanna feel good!

  1. Cash

“We Don’t need the money, just show me you love me, it’s all about the honey, it ain’t about the cash”. This song is country rock all the way! A love song about money not mattering, so long as you have each other! It’s a tried and tested songwriting formula in country music, that money doesn’t matter, but this song a quirky and catchy take on that theme.

  1. Don’t Go Back

This is a heart-felt song of warning. A song of regret and facing the truth “Don’t Go Back, don’t even think about it”, for whatever it is in life that you left behind, you did so for a reason. Don’t go back!

  1. Emergency Landing

I had a lot of fun writing this song – being an ex- Qantas airline employee I have an affinity with planes and flying, so in this song we used lots of flying metaphors to detail the relationship you may have where you ‘crash into someone’s place’ when ever you need a pick me up. It’s a song about having that one person you can always call on, but is it fair on them?

  1. Alright Alright Alright

This song is for those waiting for their pure country fix. Written in the heartland of Nashville, with prolific and hugely successful writer Byron Hill, it’s a song of triumph and self-belief that’s all going to be alright!

  1. Get Me Out of This

This is my first foray into writing a song with any kind of religious message. I was raised in a lightly religious family, and even though I don’t go to church very often, I do find myself asking for God’s help sometimes – and that is what this song is about, turning your back on God, but then asking for help when you need it. This is musically different, and sees me hit a few high notes!!